IMMUNO 2021: Visit the Exhibitor Center
24 de setembro de 2021
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In addition to the official lectures on the Congress program, several other activities take place at the fair, which promises to bring new products, equipment and medical solutions.

Check below some of the activities scheduled by the exhibitors and prepare your agenda:


SPONSORED ACTIVITIES - *Available to watch directly on the Congress Platform

September 27th

9h00 | BD Mini Course: Single Cell Multiomics (scMultiomics): Transcriptome and proteome of thousands of cells simultaneously.

12h00 |ThermoFisher - Attune CytPix Flow Cytometer: A Better Look at Your Cells.

16h00 | Astrazeneca - Overview of COVID-19 vaccines: What do we know an what is the future impact?


September 28th

9h00 | BD Mini Course: Cytometry and panel design: all you need to know to perform a successful immunophenotyping.

12h00| GSK - Atualização dos imunobiológicos no tratamento da COVID-19



September 26th

14h | Pensabio - Have you thought about automating your immunoassays? - Raffle for lecture participants (Click to subscribe).

September 27th

10h | Pensabio - New insights in Immunology by spatial and single cell transcriptomics -  Raffle for lecture participants (Click to subscribe).


September 28th

10h | Pensabio - New generation of in situ hybridization: how to detect viral RNA -  Raffle for lecture participants (Click to subscribe).

10h45 | Pensabio - Bringing the power of CyTOF to COVID-19 Research (Click to subscribe).

11h00 | Nova Analítica - Quantifying Live T Cell Action Dynamics Using Holotomography and Computer Vision - Raffle for lecture participants  (Click to subscribe).


Free activities 

Webinars Livres Nova Analítica (raffle for lecture participants/activities with certificate):  Western Blotting;  Immunohistochemistry: Basic Principles; Cell Isolation: Principles and Applications;  3D Bioprinting: An innovative tool to produce advanced models for oncology and dermato-cosmetic research (Click to subscribe).

Webinar Sysmex (activity with certificate):  Automation and the impact on flow cytometry laboratory workflow (Click to subscribe).

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